Benelux Industrial Designs Gazette

The Benelux Designs Register is the official publication medium for drawings and designs. The previous official medium was the Benelux Designs Gazette.

All information relating to the designs valid as of 1 January 2012 or registered at a later date can be found in the online Benelux Designs Register (@link).

Please consult the monthly issues of the Benelux Designs Gazette listed below for information on older designs.

  2015 2014 2013
januari 01.pdf 01.pdf  
februari 02.pdf 02.pdf  
maart 03.pdf 03.pdf  
april 04.pdf 04.pdf  
mei 05.pdf 05.pdf  
juni 06.pdf 06.pdf  
juli   07.pdf  
augustus   08.pdf  
september   09.pdf  
oktober   10.pdf 10.pdf
november   11.pdf 11.pdf
december   12.pdf 12.pdf

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